Customer Reviews

Nicky was brilliant to work with, nothing was too much trouble and she delivered what we requested in very short timescales. Her passion really shows through in her work and she went over and above what we’d asked her to deliver. I look forward to working with Nicky again in the future.

Alison Archbold, Leadership and Management Skills Coach at engie

Nicky is a warm, genuine, authentic lady who possess both the natural strengths, personal experiences and academic skills needed to offer support, advice and training at a high level, on a wide range of personal growth topics. Nicky has been supporting me through my personal and career growth for a number of months now and each time we’ve met I’ve taken away tools and advice that I’ve been able to immediately implement. Within minuets Nicky seemed to intuitively know and understand my situation and was able to tap into my own personal beliefs in order to both relate to me and offer me the sort of support and advice that would be useful to me as an individual. I’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing Nicky give support and advice in a group situation. Nicky has the ability to quickly and almost intuitively read, understand, relate and empathise with individuals in the group in order to offer specific advice. Nicky has the ability and flair to work at a high level with both individuals as well as larger groups. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Nicky for any individual or group development work.

Emma Molloy, Marketing Consultant & Strategist

I have worked with Nicky for the past 3 years and have found that whatever the format of training/workshop she presents it is always relevant and extremely useful. Nicky has a wonderful way of challenging thinking, helping people to see things in new ways and move forward in a productive and positive way. I would highly recommend any organisation to engage with Nicky either for 1-2-1 coaching, Leadership & Executive training or company-wide staff engagement and wellbeing exercises. If you talk through your requirements Nicky will be able to use all her experience and knowledge to build you a programme specific to the outcomes required.

Cathy Hinsley, Business Support Manager at AAG IT Services

This woman is special. She is, of course, skilful as a trainer in her areas of interest but her special talent is noticing and engaging with individuals in a group who need that extra touch, that extra minute, that extra encouragement or challenge. She achieves engagement, helps individuals and work teams take ‘action this day’ meeting the required and desired objectives. There are many trainers and coaches who are good professional people, but Nicky Valantine has a real additional gift; she can build RAPPORT easily and focus on pushing people to achieve their own unique potential…….serious work completed with a smile and with encouragement, but also with challenge and focus.

David Morton, Partner Rapport Communication Consultancy

Nicky has proven to be pivotal in supporting me through obstacles in my business and relationships. She thoughtfully directs questions making you search for the answers that you intuitively know yourself. The tried and t ested “feel the fear” approach to planning constructive objectives to achieve your personal goals is priceless and a tool that I now refer back to with any challenge that presents. Having received coaching in the past, the content was not new to me. However, Nicky has a very unique way of communicating and relating to you personally to allow you to take action with solid understanding and confidence!What is so unique and special about Nicky is that she follows up with you and constantly checks in. She held me accountable to my goals and probed with the right questions when doubt and fear were dominating my thoughts. I genuinely can’t recommend her enough! For her empathy, experience, knowledge and ability to give you a kick up the bum when you most need it!

Kimberley Shepherd, Acupuncturist & Nutritional Therapist