Have you ever had the urge that you really wanted to do something but instead paid attention to the little voice that says “but what if I fail, what if I can’t, what if I’m rubbish at it?”

Have you ever felt that you are capable of doing more with your life but have been stopped by FEAR?

If so, this workshop will help you find the path to a new life free from unhealthy fear.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® has for 30 years changed the lives of millions of people. Its message today is as fresh as ever – everybody feels fear when confronted with something new – but if you let fear hold you back then the regret you will feel for the rest of your life is much worse than taking the risk – or “Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway”®.

Join us and take stock of your life, see where you’re stuck, learn many techniques and new tools that will take you beyond your fear.


  • Understand why fear stops you from achieving in life
  • How to move from pain to power or apathy to action
  • How to find out what is really stopping you in life
  • Letting go of the victim mentality and becoming your own hero in life
  • Silencing the voice that feeds your fears
  • Heal sub‐conscious blocking mindsets
  • How to stop blaming others
  • How to take action in all areas of your life to achieve your goals


  • Know what your life would look like if you had “no fear”
  • Discover the “payoffs” that keep you stuck and fearful
  • Move from pain to power and take back control of your life
  • Let go of the Victim Mentality
  • Deal with the little voice in your head that feeds your fears
  • Learn the 5 steps of “No lose” decision making
  • Turn indecision into action
  • Identify cultural patterns that lead to fear
  • Re‐visit those dreams that you put on the back burner
  • Action plan for driving hope and optimism in your life


Workshop method will be experiential, interactive, responsive and practical and include creative learning exercises, group discussions, and mindful exercises, individual reflection and self-assessment, behavioural feedback from facilitator and peers, short theory inputs. The workshop is designed to enable participants to understand how they view themselves, how others perceive them, and master new skills so that they can transfer the learning directly to improving effectiveness in life and work.


Anyone who is…..

  • Need support in taking action
  • Leading an “OK” life but knows they could do more and be more
  • Suffering from anxiety or depression
  • Wanting to increase their confidence & self-trust
  • Wanting to understand more about why they make the life choices they do
  • Putting off their dreams because they are afraid of what may happen
  • Not achieving their fullest potential

Trust your Higher-Power, it is now guiding you to a solution to your fears. Are You ready? Click the button when you are and let’s get going!