Come to my Feel the Fear workshop in Sheffield to make changes at home and work
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Say ‘yes’ to the workshop that will

help change and shape your life

Would you like to…

Feel the fear

  • Improve your confidence and self belief?
  • Make win win decisions faster?
  • Improve all of your relationships?
  • Stay calm when handling anxiety, guilt and fear?
  • Make positive changes and create balance in all aras of your life?
  • Say what you really want?
  • Live your life your way?
  • Find direction, purpose, passion and enthusiasm?
  • Realise your true potential and let your true self shine?

If you said Yes to some or all of the above then join me for

Workshop that will

help change and shape your life.

As a licensed Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway® trainer and self-esteem coach, I give motivating and fun workshops, calling on a wealth of life and management experience.

Our next day workshop is on 10th June 2017 in Sheffield.  The transformational experience costs £67 and you can secure your place by paying a deposit (using the PayPal button below).

“Thank you so much for your coaching support, I doubt very much that I would have pushed myself to make the change without it. I start my new job on 1st August and will be going to University one day a week too!!”

Helen (Hull NHS)

“I would recommend Nicky Valantine to anyone who wants to change their life. She is a kind, compassionate listener, who held up a mirror to my inner self so I could see just where I needed to make my life better. Our two-hour session has helped me on the path to having a lifetime of great experiences, and most importantly, she has taught me that I had all the tools within myself already.”

Alexandra Vessey, Journalist and PR consultant

“Nicky’s training and coaching skill set and style fits well with our young managers development programme. We are constantly amazed at how many self limiting beliefs they carry in to work after a long period in education and at University. The programme delivered by Nicky has really made a difference to their confidence and self esteem; demonstrated by their increased ability to use their network to build business, enhance reputation and brand.”

John Lowe Programme Manager and David Morton Partner Rapport CC

“After working through my issues of anxiety and self-doubt with Nicky, I was amazed to discover how my constant thoughts of negativity were affecting my health and well-being. Nicky gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to change. By using positive affirmations I have been able to banish many of my negative thoughts and beliefs. I am now in a much better place to enjoy my life in the present and know that when things do get difficult I have the skills to handle it.”

Lesley -Derbyshire

“When the going gets tough, you need input, top ups, some way that you can step aside see things rationally and rebuild those reserves. That is what Nicky and her “Feel the Fear” Workshop did for me. It gave me the space to realise that I could do it, I could cope and achieve. It was a day out that really revitalised me and my business!

Lynnette Smith, BigTalk Education – Finalist for the Business Woman of the Year award 2012 – “Helping Children to keep Safe, Healthy and Happy”

The workshops have limited places, use the PayPal button below to guarantee your space.