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Say ‘yes’ to the workshop that will

help change and shape your life

Our next day workshop is on 26th January 2019 in Sheffield

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® for Personal Development

Participating in a Feel the Fear  workshop is ideal for those who are wanting to improve their life in some way but unsure where to start.

As a qualified instructor I  have been carefully selected and trained to bring the principles of the Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway ® to life by teaching individuals how to apply the tools in every day life.

Nicky Valantine Feel The Fear

You’ll learn how to…

  • Think more positive and reduce negativity.
  • Feel more in control of your life.
  • Say ‘No’ to others and say Yes to you.
  • Become more assertive in all areas of your life.
  • Change your reactions to situations.
  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Create balance all areas of your life.
  • Create a positive support system around you.
  • Find gratitude and abundance.
  • Improve sleep and  well-being.
  • Re-discover what is important to you and what makes you tick. 

The workshops are delivered by me locally and participants are people like you who are open to support and inspiration from instructors who once felt like you. Pitched at a level suitable to all regardless of academic qualifications, the material is taught in a down to earth and friendly manner. It is empowering to realise  others in the room feel the same way as each other. Remember we are not alone.

The Training programme is also suitable for those who are being treated for anxiety and depression. In the United Kingdom the Feel the Fear Training programme has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression in those who attended. view

To attend a workshop near you or find our more about personalised one to one coaching/training please contact me directly 07703101676. To book direct use this link.