About Me - Nicky Valantine
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Nicky Valantine

My Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer journey …..In my early 20’s (now 50) I went on an assertive training course and the trainer found time to listen to my concerns, asked a few questions and said “go buy Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers”.

I can still remember how it felt that this guy thought I was worth that conversation and worth guiding. I bought the book and read it, loved it, used the tools and started to take action.

Well who would have thought that 23 years later I would become a trainer (official that is, as along those 20 years many people would have heard me say “go buy Feel the Fear” and “you can handle it”. I can remember thinking I would love to meet Susan.

Well whilst I never met Susan in person every time I teach I hear her voice and take great pleasure in knowing I am making that difference to people lives. I also know that my intent is to offer a safe learning environment that I know people will leave knowing their sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-love has achieved a new personal best! So to finish why do I do what I do… because when I deliver these workshops I am serving the universe.

I am giving back by sharing all that I have learnt and achieved through using these amazing, simple life changing tools and most of all I step up and be my best self! When your work is your passion ‘to educate, empower and enable all those whom I meet’

What’s not to like BEING a Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer & Coach.